Circus Akimbo

Why I Run “Lazy” Showcases

The end of the year is coming up, and if you or your child do any form of performing arts you’ll no doubt know that means showcase season! Big costumes, fancy hair and full day rehearsals are hallmarks of this season for many kids, and it can be a stressful time for students, teachers and…
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Performing in A Student Showcase: Part 2

Showcase is getting closer and it’s time to start cleaning up those routines. By now you should have the basic outline of your routine (and if not, revisit our last post to get started) so now is the time to train it up so you’re comfortable, and start focusing on the artistry of your act. A…
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Performing in a Student Showcase

It’s showcase time at Circus Akimbo! Exactly one month from today our talented adult students and trainers will be showing off their skills to friends and family. Showcases are an opportunity both to celebrate all your hard work and get some experience performing in front of an audience. For many of you, student nights will be…
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