What to bring to your first circus class

Just signed up for your first circus class? Congratulations! You’re in for a rollercoaster of a ride, be prepared to have a lot of fun! But you might be wondering now, what’s next? Chances are this is a completely new experience for you, so you may not know what you’ll need. Here are the basics you’ll want in your circus bag.

Bring a bottle of water with you. Circus is fun, but it’s also hard work, and you’ll need to stay hydrated while exercising. Make sure you have anything else you personally need while exercising e.g. a puffer if you’re asthmatic, glucose if you have diabetes.

Wear suitable clothes for what you’ll be doing:

Aerial class
Generally we recommend leggings and a singlet or tshirt that covers your stomach and stays up when you’re upside down. You’ll be barefoot, but will want a few layers especially in winter. Legwarmers, beanies and fluffy jumpers are all fair game, we won’t judge! Just make sure there are no buttons, buckles, zips, studs or anything else metal on your clothes, as those can damage the aerials and you won’t be allowed up.

Youth Circus

Our youth circus kids do a bit of everything, so while you’ll be barefoot for most of the class, you may also want to bring closed shoes so you can try unicycling, stilt walking or rola bola. Just remember to pack extra layers in winter, and double check everything for metal if you’ll be doing aerials.

It’s a good idea to keep a few basic toiletries in your circus bag, like deodorant, hair ties and band aids so you’re prepared. More advanced students may also want to pack a notebook to write down tricks or a camera to record your progress. Our students will get a copy of the Circus Akimbo training diary when they arrive for their first class, but if you know something else works better for you then bring it!

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