Circus Akimbo

Circus Journeys: Edie

Next up in our Circus Journeys series is Edie! Since early 2017 she’s been bringing her bubbly energy to classes at Circus Akimbo. Prior to circus, Edie had done various forms of dance for over 27 years, and she will be representing the studio at the Australian Circus Festival in November. How & why did you…
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Dear Diary

Although I’ve done circus for many years now, and tried a huge variety of training devices and gear, if I had to pick the most useful training tool I’ve used it wouldn’t be any of the foam rollers, mats, or even the gear itself. No, the one thing that has stayed consistent over my time doing…
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Post Class Stretching

So you’ve just done your first circus class and had a blast! But unless you’ve done a lot of similar training, chances are you woke up the next morning to discover a whole bunch of sore muscles you never knew existed. There are a few ways to take care of your body over the next…
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Performing in A Student Showcase: Part 2

Showcase is getting closer and it’s time to start cleaning up those routines. By now you should have the basic outline of your routine (and if not, revisit our last post to get started) so now is the time to train it up so you’re comfortable, and start focusing on the artistry of your act. A…
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Circus Journeys

Hello and welcome to an exciting new series! One of the wonderful things about circus is the variety of people involved, all with their own unique journeys to stumbling across the circus. We’re featuring stories of a selection of students, performers, teachers, directors and more, delving into their reasons for starting circus and where it…
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Performing in a Student Showcase

It’s showcase time at Circus Akimbo! Exactly one month from today our talented adult students and trainers will be showing off their skills to friends and family. Showcases are an opportunity both to celebrate all your hard work and get some experience performing in front of an audience. For many of you, student nights will be…
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How can I keep up my training when the studio is closed?

It’s coming up to the end of the year, and for a lot of us aerialists that means a break in training. Studios close, lessons stop, open training can’t be found for love or money… And sometimes you plain old feel like taking a break. That’s fine, and it can be a really useful thing…
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Staying motivated with your circus training

Circus is a challenging, humbling activity. Sometimes you have good weeks, sometimes when you show up you’re just physically, mentally or emotionally not there. Everyone has those bad weeks, and while there’s unfortunately no magic cure, there are a few things you can do to make sure they don’t derail your progress. Notice contributing factors….
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Party Planning 101: What you need to know about circus parties

What is a circus party? At Circus Akimbo, we run circus workshops for all sorts of groups, including birthdays, farewells and hen’s parties. Whether you’ve never done circus before or you’re a seasoned pro, the experienced trainers will make sure the whole group is having fun and learning new things with trapeze, hoops, juggling, aerial silks…
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Colouring in

With the school holidays coming up, here’s a quick post with two of our favourite colouring in pages. Feel free to download and print the sheets for personal use. Please ask us first if you’d like to use them in a professional setting (like a school or vacation care centre). Printable PDF Printable PDF