Circus Akimbo

2018 Timetable

We’re excited to announce a few new additions to the timetable this term! For the first time we’ll be offering a specific trapeze class, an aerial only class for kids, a strength and flex session to help you upskill and even more special, we’re adding a new Adaptive Circus class to the timetable for children…
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FAQ: Adult Classes

Circus isn’t something you come across everyday, so unless you’ve been to other studios or have friends already taking circus classes, chances are this is all going to be a bit unfamiliar. That’s why we’ve written this guide answering a few of the more common questions we hear. Do I have to be fit/strong/flexible etc? …
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Post Class Stretching

So you’ve just done your first circus class and had a blast! But unless you’ve done a lot of similar training, chances are you woke up the next morning to discover a whole bunch of sore muscles you never knew existed. There are a few ways to take care of your body over the next…
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Performing in a Student Showcase

It’s showcase time at Circus Akimbo! Exactly one month from today our talented adult students and trainers will be showing off their skills to friends and family. Showcases are an opportunity both to celebrate all your hard work and get some experience performing in front of an audience. For many of you, student nights will be…
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What to bring to your first circus class

Just signed up for your first circus class? Congratulations! You’re in for a rollercoaster of a ride, be prepared to have a lot of fun! This is just a quick post about what you’ll want to bring with you on your first day: 1. A bottle of water. Circus is fun, but it’s also hard work, and…
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Juggling 101: Beginner tricks

Once you’ve mastered a three ball cascade, you’ll be ready to start learning some tricks! Here’s a few to try out.