Circus Akimbo

Australian Circus Festival

Last week saw Circus Akimbo students and trainers performing across three shows at the Australian Circus Festival. Congratulations on all the hard work you all put in to get there!

Circus Journeys: Edie

Next up in our Circus Journeys series is Edie! Since early 2017 she’s been bringing her bubbly energy to classes at Circus Akimbo. Prior to circus, Edie had done various forms of dance for over 27 years, and she will be representing the studio at the Australian Circus Festival in November. How & why did you…
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Circus Journeys

Hello and welcome to an exciting new series! One of the wonderful things about circus is the variety of people involved, all with their own unique journeys to stumbling across the circus. We’re featuring stories of a selection of students, performers, teachers, directors and more, delving into their reasons for starting circus and where it…
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